The apartment building at 48 Weber Street West in Kitchener is in the middle of a restoration, as its new owner, Urbanfund Corp., plans to gut and re-open the 40-unit building in about eight months.

Twelve tenants were forced to leave in mid-July after city officials deemed it unfit for human habitation.

The building is located in the Civic Centre heritage district, one of Kitchener's oldest neighbourhoods.

"Once the building is complete and restored I would love to see this building with a heritage plaque on it," says Stephen Litt, project manager overseeing the restoration.

But the building requires a lot of work – multiple broken windows need replacing, all appliances are being tossed and balcony railings need repair.

"The bones of the building are great. There are really no structural concerns," says Litt.

Litt says rent rates have not been decided, but insists it will be affordable.

"It will definitely be well within the affordability criteria of what the average income for a citizen in KW will be," says Litt. "We're keeping it definitely affordable and not super super high end by any means."