An 82-year-old woman has been charged with arson in relation to four fires at the Sunnyside Senior's Residence in Kitchener, say Waterloo Regional Police.

The woman, a resident of Sunnyside, faces three counts of arson and three counts of mischief-endangering life.

On Tuesday evening, police and firefighters were called to Sunnyside because smoke coming from an enclosed garbage room had set off the sprinkler system. The source of the smoke turned out to be a recycling bin filled with smouldering papers.

According to police spokesman Olaf Heinzel, this was the fourth in a string of fires at Sunnyside, including fires on June 13 and July 28 of 2013 and January 23rd of this year. 

"All of these fires were fairly small, and fortunately didn't result in any injuries. At least two of them were within a brown portable recycling bin. All of them occurred in areas where garbage was stored and was adjacent to the main building where people were living," said Heinzel. 

As a result of an ongoing police investigation, the 82-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday. 

"We can tell you that the woman was taken to the hospital for assessment last evening," said Heinzel. 

The cost of cleaning up after the Tuesday evening fire and repairing equipment is estimated to be $1,000. 

"We're hopeful that the residents of that building and the surrounding area will find some relief in knowing that we have made an arrest," said Heinzel. 

The woman is scheduled to appear in court on April 25.