5 fun things to do this weekend - April 6-7

What are you doing to do this weekend? Andrea Bellemare's got some suggestions.
Grades of maple syrup, from light to dark. ((Dvortygirl/Wikimeida))

Elmira Maple Syrup Festival



Forget the syrup, forget 49 years of tradition, forget the beaver tails, forget the wagon rides - the real reason you should go to the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival is to cheer on the CBC K-W pancake-flipping  team. We shall be entertaining you with either our triumphant success or devastating failure. And you can get this year’s toy piggy bank, which is a 1929 Ford Model A Quarter Ton Truck with a green and white paint job. I guess you could eat some pancakes too, with lots of maple syrup. But you already knew that.



Pillow Fight Day 2013



It’s the third year that Kitchener-Waterloo is taking part in International Pillow Fight Day. Bring your strong arms and soft pillows to the Uptown Waterloo Square. The organizers have included a few rules for safety, but this one caught my eye: "Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras."No feather pillows either. Now go, and swat thy neighbour with joy.




Tri-City Roller Girls Season Opener Bout


Doors at 6:00pm, event starts at 7:00pm.

Get out the helmets and elbow pads. The Vicious Dishes are skating against the Total Knock-Outs. It’s an all ages event, and kids under 12 get in free.  I’m going to borrow a word I learned from Lightning Slim, writing on the Tri-City Roller Girls website, and say that you’ll want to see this meeting between nemesisters.  Head over to New Hamburg for those wheels of fury.




Olenka and Her Autumn Lovers


The Grist Mill at Waterloo Park

6:30 pm

My current favourite building, The Grist Mill at Waterloo Park, will be filled with music this Saturday. This all-ages concert  features southern Ontario musicians Olenka and Her Autumn lovers, Nick Ferrio, Hinindar, and SM. Tickets are $9, a steal of a deal for this amount of talent on the bill.



Family Sunday at KWAG



The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery opens its doors on the first Sunday of every month for this fantastic and fun family event. Different art stations are set up in different rooms in the gallery, and children are able to create art that matches the theme of the current exhibitions. On top of that, the Kitchener Public Library sends over a storyteller to read stories. Who said learning can’t be fun? (I don’t know, but they were probably trying to get out of doing their homework, not make cool stuff at an art gallery.)

The event is free, but KWAG notes a $5 donation per child is suggested to help cover program costs.