40 Waterloo police officers involved in Bosma investigation

Of the 120 officers involved in the homicide investigation of Tim Bosma, 40 are from Waterloo Regional Police.

120 officers from various services participating in case

Jim Wilson says he used to live next door to the farm property owned by the accused, Dellen Millard. (Colin Butler/CBC)

Forty members of Waterloo Regional Police are taking part in the homicide investigation of Tim Bosma.

The 32-year-old Ancaster man disappeared over a week ago after after he accompanied two men on a test drive of the truck he had posted for sale online.  Hamilton police said Tuesday afternoon that Bosma's remains had been found and were "burned beyond recognition."

Police activity has been concentrated on a farm property on Roseville Road in North Dumfries, although investigators have not confirmed that was where Bosma's body was found. 

Insp. Kevin Thaler says Waterloo Regional Police officers involved are part of the public safety unit and the emergency response unit. Hamilton police, however, are leading the investigation.

"At this point we’re making available whatever resources the Hamilton Police Service requires," said Thaler. "If they ask, we’ll help out in any way that we can."

Officers were seen Wednesday bringing buckets of material, possibly soil, outside a tent that had been set up on the farm. They were passing the material through large sifting screens.

A neighbour who requested anonymity told CBC News he had given police a photograph of what he called an incinerator on a trailer that he saw on the site on Friday. He said he saw the incinerator in the vicinity of the tent that police set up. Police were asked about the mobile incinerator but would not comment.

Other officers continue to search the property on foot. The property is partially a plowed field, and partially a wooded, swampy area.

27-year-old Dellen Millard of Toronto has been charged with first-degree murder. Police continue to search for at least two other suspects.

The heavy police activity and media presence at the farm owned by Millard attracted curious residents.

Jim Wilson said he used to live next to the farm two decades ago.

"When you think about killing somebody for a truck, it doesn’t make sense," said Wilson. "I just wonder if it’s something bigger."

Millard is expected appear in Hamilton court Wednesday morning.

With files from Colin Butler