Two of the three groups vying to become the next operator of the Boathouse in Kitchener have come together to make a unified bid.

Curt and Cory Crossman of the KOI Music Festival and Bill MacTavish of Imbibe made the announcement in a press release Monday.

“The two parties have always shared a similar vision of downtown Kitchener and its arts, entertainment and dining experiences. We feel that our combined expertise will make for a truly unique and successful venture,” said the release.

Cory Crossman said the idea struck both sides during a recent tour inside the Boathouse.  

“We saw each other inside the Boathouse during a walkthrough, and that got us both sort of thinking. We’ve worked together on things in the past and they’ve always done well, so it was almost kind of a natural fit,” said Crossman.

The remaining competition for the Boathouse remains the joint bid placed by Glenn Smith, owner of Ethel’s Lounge and Frat Burger in Waterloo and local singer/songwriter Danny Michel.