2 bidders for Kitchener Boathouse join forces

Two bidders hoping to become the next operator of the Boathouse in Victoria Park have announced they will be combining their resources under a single application.

Crossman brothers and Bill MacTavish of Imbibe make joint bid

City staff will evaluate the business plans and renovation designs of the remaining two bidders and present them to Kitchener council in early December. (Mike McCulloch/CBC)

Two of the three groups vying to become the next operator of the Boathouse in Kitchener have come together to make a unified bid.

Curt and Cory Crossman of the KOI Music Festival and Bill MacTavish of Imbibe made the announcement in a press release Monday.

“The two parties have always shared a similar vision of downtown Kitchener and its arts, entertainment and dining experiences. We feel that our combined expertise will make for a truly unique and successful venture,” said the release.

Cory Crossman said the idea struck both sides during a recent tour inside the Boathouse.  

“We saw each other inside the Boathouse during a walkthrough, and that got us both sort of thinking. We’ve worked together on things in the past and they’ve always done well, so it was almost kind of a natural fit,” said Crossman.

The remaining competition for the Boathouse remains the joint bid placed by Glenn Smith, owner of Ethel’s Lounge and Frat Burger in Waterloo and local singer/songwriter Danny Michel.


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