One of the two emus - like the one pictured - that escaped a Waterloo hobby farm has been returned to its owner, said police. (The Associated Press/Flathead Beacon/Lido Vizzutti)

One emu was found dead and another was captured by Waterloo Regional Police after the pair escaped a local hobby farm early Monday morning. 

Police spokesperson Alana Holtom said the two birds were spotted running toward the Grand River in the Bridgeport area of Waterloo by a neighbour.

Waterloo Regional Police arrived at the Bridgeport Sportsfield at 7:30 a.m.. Holtom said the officers quickly found the first emu on one of the baseball diamonds. 

"It looked like it wasn't in good health. It wasn't moving," Holtom said. "They realized it was in distress and called the humane society." 
Officials from the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society removed the bird from the park after they determined it was dead, she said. 

The second emu was found near the river. Holtom said it appeared to be in good health and was returned to its owner.