Justin Trudeau, the eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, has married former TV host Sophie Grégoire in Montreal.

Trudeau, 33, and Grégoire, 30, walked down the aisle Saturday afternoon in Sainte-Madeleine d'Outremont, a Romanesque-style stone church noted for its beautiful stained glass.

The church's bells began to peal at 5:30 p.m. The front doors opened and bagpipers and Mounties in full ceremonial dress walked out, followed by the wedding guests.

They lined the stairs, applauding and cheering as the newlyweds emerged.

Trudeau wore a light-coloured suit, while Grégoire wore an ecru dress with lace motifs and a long veil trimmed in the same lace that billowed behind her as she stepped slowly down the stairs.


Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire leave the Sainte-Madeleine d'Outremont after marrying.

The couple drove away in Pierre Trudeau's 1960 Mercedes Benz 300 SL roadster, which was shipped from a B.C. auto restorer to Montreal.

The groom's brother, Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, served as best man while his mother, Margaret, looked on. His father died in 2000 and his youngest brother, Michel, was killed by an avalanche in British Columbia in 1998.

Many other well-known guests attended the wedding, including Ben Mulroney, the son of another former prime minister, Brian Mulroney, and Jacques Hébert, a former senator and a close friend of the groom's father.

'It's always a touching moment when two people with such strong personalities love each other so much and get married.'

"It's always a touching moment when two people with such strong personalities love each other so much and get married," Hébert told CBC News.

"So we have to rejoice and be happy."

Hébert said the former prime minister would have been very pleased with his son's choice of bride. "She's exactly his type, I'm sure."

'Luckiest woman in the world'

Grégoire, the only daughter of an affluent Montreal stockbroker, shouted to the crowd as she entered the church: "I'm the luckiest woman in the world."

She wore a dress from the exclusive Montreal shop Les Noces Couture.

"We designed what we thought would be the most dramatic gown for her," designer Nancy Wajsmann said before the wedding.

After the ceremony, the couple and nearly 200 guests attended a reception at a chic hotel in Old Montreal.

Friend and restaurateur Annick Belanger said couple chose very warm colours such as oranges, yellows and reds to decorate at the reception.

"They've used a little bit of a Moroccan kind of style with all the warm colours that you find," Belanger said.

Honeymoon to last a month

After the reception, the couple plan to leave on a month-long honeymoon.

While they did their best to keep some things secret, Trudeau gave one exclusive interview to a gossip magazine, 7 Jours, Quebec's answer to People.

He has also signed deals for their wedding photos to appear in Macleans and another publication.

The couple met at a Canadian Grand Prix event, which both were hosting two years ago.