Jack Ramsay says he won't be resigning his seat in the House of Commons. Ramsay says to do so at this time would be premature.

Last night a jury in Melfort found Ramsay guilty of attempted rape. The case relates to an incident 30 years ago, involving a 14 year-old girl in Pelican Narrows. Ramsay was an RCMP officer in the community at that time.

Ramsay will be sentenced on December 20th. And he's going to wait until then to decide whether or not to resign. In the meantime, Ramsay says no one has phoned him, asking for his resignation. However, several groups, including the Saskatchewan Action Committee on the Status of Women say Ramsay should step down.

The former Reform Party justice critic also hasn't decided whether to sit as an independent, or take a break from his duties. He says he's only had three hours of sleep in the last 24.

This morning, Reform Party MP's met, and the decision was made to remove Ramsay from caucus. He describes that decision as "fair and reasonable".

However, Ramsay continues to profess his innocence . "I do not believe a sexual assault took place". Ramsay is considering an appeal.