The judge appointed to probe a computer-leasing scandal in Toronto criticized participants for greed, mismanagement and lying.

Justice Denise Bellamy investigated how a $40-million computer contract between the City of Toronto and MFP Financial Services swelled to over $100 million.

"Some people disgraced themselves, failed in their duty to their City, lied, put self-interest first, or simply did not do their jobs," she wrote.

In reference to testimony from the city's once powerful budget chief, Bellamy said that Tom Jakobek "drifted from lie to lie in a performance worthy of Pinocchio, his phenomenal memory conveniently failed him" about a cash payoff he had received from an MFP salesperson.

Dash Domi was that salesperson. The older brother of the Toronto Maple Leafs' Tie Domi, he received more than $1.2 million for securing the computer lease.

Evidence presented at the inquiry told how Dash Domi had wined and dined Wanda Liczyk, Toronto's former treasurer.

Liczyk was criticized by the judge for failing to disclose that she had a sexual relationship with the man who designed software for Toronto in the early 1990s.

Judge Bellamy presented over 240 recommendations in her report. These include suggestions that:

  • Toronto set a code of conduct for lobbyists.
  • Councillors and staff not use their positions to further their private interests.
  • Gifts received by staff and politicians should be tracked in a searchable database.
  • Evidence presented during public inquiries is not admissible in a criminal trial.