Injunction against Rossdale expansion lifted

Epcor's expansion of its downtown Edmonton Rossdale power plant will go ahead.

Court of Queen's bench justice J.L. Lewis lifted an injunction on Friday that had halted the work. The injunction had been granted last month to an aboriginal group which claimed the digging was interfering with a sacred burial ground.

In lifting the injunction, Lewis agreed with Epcor that the area is not a cemetery as defined under the provincial Cemeteries Act.

Doreen Wabasca, who had sought the injunction on behalf of the Papaschase First Nation Association, reacted bitterly to the ruling. "They can dig up an Indian anytime, just like a big trophy, like when you go hunting. Digging in that ground, shifting us, our little peoples, little bones, little babies. Let's put an end to it."

Epcor spokesman Tim Boston says the Edmonton-owned power company offered assurances it will respect what is found at the Rossdale expansion site.