An independent Calgary candidate has been ordered to temporarily stop putting up his election signs due to similarities to the Conservative party posters.

The Conservative party is seeking a court injunction on Roger Richard's signs erected throughout the Calgary Northeast riding.

The signs use the same shade of blue, similar white lettering and a red banner in the top left-hand corner. Richard's signs also have the word "Conservative" printed on them.

On Thursday, a Calgary justice barred Richard from raising any new signs or handing out campaign literature until a decision is announced on Monday. Signs already posted can remain.

Richard refers to himself as the "alternative choice conservative candidate" and is a supporter of the Conservative leader, with numerous pictures of Harper in his campaign office.

Some of Richard's pamphlets also say a vote for Richard is a vote for Stephen Harper.

The Conservative candidate running in the longtime Conservative stronghold is Devinder Shory.

Also running in the riding are Green candidate Abeed Ahmad, Liberal Sanam Kang, independent Daniel Blanchard and the NDP's Vinay Dey.