Hurricane Ophelia, which is churning in the ocean south of Bermuda and was upgraded to a Category 3 storm Friday, will have an effect on Newfoundland and Nova Scotia on Sunday and into Monday.

CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe said currently it looks like Ophelia will be a rain event for parts of the two provinces, with maybe up to 100 millimetres falling. The Canadian Hurricane Centre has not issued warnings at this point but is just releasing the details as information statements.

"People in vulnerable areas should be attentive and prepared for possible localized flooding," said Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry.

By the time Ophelia moves up to the East Coast of Canada it will lose power but will still have a punch featuring winds as well as the rain. Where it will end up tracking precisely is not known yet.

"It will still be a strong storm, maybe not a hurricane but with high winds," said Wagstaffe.

As of 2:45 p.m. ET, Hurricane Ophelia was less than 1,000 kilometres south of Bermuda and featured sustained winds of 185 km/h. Bermuda will not be directly hit but will feel the effects, she said.

When it moved to a Category 3, Ophelia became the third major hurricane of the season.

"It’s a pretty big hurricane," Wagstaffe said.

At some point in its movement north the hurricane will merge with another weather system, which will lead to it picking up more precipitation. The projected storm track found on the Canadian Hurricane Centre's website shows Ophelia passing just southeast of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland on Monday.

"Heavy rain over an extended period could cause flooding in low-lying and flood plain areas. Accompanying winds could be in the 60 to 90 km/h range, and large swells could affect Nova Scotia's coast late Sunday and into Monday," said Nova Scotia's Emergency Management Office.

Ophelia has already caused flooding and cut off communities on Dominica.