Huge Loblaws approved for Westboro

Ottawa city council has give the go-ahead to a controversial proposal to put a giant Loblaws store in a west end Ottawa neighbourhood.

Council voted 7-4 Wednesday afternoon to approve the 98,000 square foot store.

It will be built on the site of the old Crain-Drummond factory at Richmond and Kirkwood in Westboro.

Councillor Shawn Little represents the area.

He says, "It's a big win for the Westboro community. And it will be great not only for the merchants in the area, but also for the residential community," says Little.

Little supported the project from the get-go. He says, "This council listened to people. We listened to the majority of residents who did want the store. And we also listened to people who had objections, and we tried to deal with those throughout the process."

Loblaws wants to open the store by the fall of 2001, but will almost certainly face a delay.

Groups opposed to the store's size say they will appeal Wednesday's decision to the Ontario Municipal Board.