Huge drug raid targets gangs

Ottawa-Carleton police have arrested 70 people in the largest series of drug raids in the region's history.

More than 40 locations were searched in a pre-dawn takedown Thursday morning.

Ottawa-Carleton police superintendent Knowlton Roberts handles the fruits of Project Cape: hand guns, rifles, bags of marijuana, scales, motorcycle gang jackets and cash, all seized in Thursday's raids.

RCMP Inspector Gerry Clement says the raids focused on the major drug dealers in the region. "We took out the top of the local organization. We were at the very top: Hells Angels is a very large organization."

Police say most of those arrested have some ties to motorcycle gangs in Ontario or Quebec, either with the Hells Angels, Satan's Choice or Outlaws.

Clement says the bike gangs have become the focus of police efforts in the capital. "We didn't do a good job with the bikers. We watched them grow from street thugs to multi-national corporations. So what we're having to do is use all of our legislation available and really take them on as an organization."

That legislation includes the proceeds-of-crime law, which allows police to seize all goods that were acquired with drug money, so that when drug dealers return from jail, their assets aren't waiting for them.