HMCS Toronto joins anti-terrorism fight

HMCS Toronto leaves Halifax to join U.S.-led war against terrorism

More Canadians headed overseas Wednesday to join the U.S.-led war against terrorism.

The patrol frigate HMCS Toronto left Halifax Harbour to join NATO's standing naval task force in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

It replaces HMCS Halifax, which was diverted to the Arabian Sea to join U.S. forces.

There was no public send-off for the troops and only family and friends of the crew were allowed dockside. Defence Minister Art Eggleton addressed the ship's company before they left, telling them they are making a substantial contribution to the war effort.

Canada's deployment so far includes three frigates, one supply ship and a destroyer with more then 1,200 personnel on board.

About 40 air force personnel and an Airbus aircraft have been sent to Germany as well.