The jury in the trial of William Chandler Shrubsall will begin its deliberations Wednesday. The seven-man, five-woman panel will hear instructions from Justice Felix Cacchione in the morning, and then retire to decide a verdict.

    Highlights from Crown Attorney Rob Fetterly's closing arguments:
  • William Shrubsall went to Ferry Boat Lane on Feb. 12, 1998, intending to commit a robbery.
  • He went into the Hoofers store, but left after another man came into the shop.
  • Fetterly says he then went into the Great Northern Knitters Store and pulled out his baseball bat.
  • Tammy Donnison screamed. Fetterly says Shrubsall swung his bat and broke her arm.
  • She screamed again. That's when Fetterly says Shrubsall hit her in the head, leaving her with life-threatening brain injuries.
  • Fetterly says Shrubsall took her wallet and the money in the till, and ran away.

    Highlights from Shrubsall's defence lawyer, Lonnie Queripel:

  • Another man should be on trial for the crime.
  • Danny Myette confessed to the attack after an all-night police interrogation.
  • He was never charged because he has a history of schizophrenia and there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime.
  • The evidence in this case doesn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Shrubsall robbed and assaulted Tammy Donnison.