High-profile Musqueam leader re-elected

Members of the Musqueam Indian Band have re-elected Chief Ernie Campbell. He received more than three times the number of votes cast for his rival, former Musqueam Chief Gail Sparrow.

Campbell says his leadership role in the recent dispute over rent increases for non-native leaseholders was the key to his getting re-elected.

"You know, we're community driven," he says, "and all decisions came from band council resolutions, right from day one, just echoing the position of Musqueam."

Sparrow had supported the non-native leaseholders, a move that obviously didn't sit well with many band members.

Campbell says as the newly re-elected chief, he wants to put that land dispute aside and focus on treaties. "With the possibility of a new Liberal government coming, I think the challenge will be greater as far as the treaty process is concerned."

If the Liberals do form the next provincial government it could provide Campbell with another chance to face off with Sparrow. She has been nominated as the Liberal candidate for Vancouver-Mt. Pleasant.