The Hells Angels motorcycle gang has set up shop on Prince Edward Island, leading police to warn that patronizing the new store amounts to supporting organized crime.

Supporters of the biker club can purchase everything from Hells Angels belt buckles to T-shirts and calendars at a store in Charlottetown called Route 81.

The merchandising arm of the gang is dubbed Route 81 because the numbers eight and one correspond to where the letters H and A fall in the alphabet.

Route 81 stores are sprouting up all over Canada. One opened in Toronto last year, a store opened in Moncton in January, and one is slated to open in Halifax.

Donny Petersen, a Hells Angels member from Toronto, said the group sells everything from clothing to calendars at the stores.

"Obviously we want to make money off them and we do make good money off them," he said.

Petersen said there are no immediate plans to open a Hells Angels clubhouse on the tourist haven island best known for Anne of Green Gables and pastoral farm scenery.

Pierre Vaillancourt, a motorcycle gang expert with the RCMP in Fredericton, said the Route 81 stores across Canada are linked to the crime world.

"Most of these are operated by local individuals, usually somebody connected to a bike gang," he said. "So what people are actually doing when they go in and buy clothing, they're supporting the Hells Angels."

The Charlottetown franchise is registered to Shannon Irene Huntington.

Sources have told the CBC she is the girlfriend of a man who is in the process of joining a motorcycle gang.

Attempts to reach Huntington for comment were unsuccessful.