City council in Lethbridge, Alta., will vote Monday on a motion that asks Dar Heatherington, its most controversial member, to resign.

One of her colleagues, Joe Mauro, said public opinion is pushing for the move.

* Coverage from CBC EDMONTONJULY 10, 2003

Dave Heatherington, her husband, said Dar was not going to simply disappear from council. She will be attending Monday's meeting.

The motion to ask her to resign can't compel her resignation.

Heatherington, a 40-year-old mother of three, became notorious after being charged with giving a false statement to police in Great Falls, Mont., in early May.

She disappeared for three days after a business trip.

Heatherington originally claimed she was kidnapped, taken to Las Vegas and sexually assaulted. She then changed her story, saying she met a man in Great Falls and travelled to the Nevada gambling mecca with him.

Lethbridge police charged Heatherington last month with public mischief. They allege she made false claims about being stalked over an eight-month period, prior to the Montana adventure.

Heatherington held an emotional news conference in mid-June, when she said, "I'm here to tell you I'm not crazy. I didn't make this up."

The Crown prosecutor in the public mischief case has decided to prosecute the case as an indictable offence, which means Heatherington faces more severe penalties if convicted.

Alberta's Municipal Government Act disqualifies anyone convicted of a criminal offence with a maximum sentence of five years or more from serving on a municipal council.