Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has not responded to an anti-poverty organization's questions about the party's policy on poverty.

He is the only one of the five major parties not to answer the questions posed by Make Poverty History. On the group's website, there are pictures of the other party leaders, and links to a YouTube video where they provide responses.

But the Conservatives are represented only by large question marks, and a note saying "Stephen Harper was unavailable for comment."

The group talked with officials in Harper's office, but was finally told its questions were too specific, and Harper would only answer more general questions, said Dennis Howlett, co-ordinator.

Make Poverty History is the Canadian arm of an international group with campaigns in more than 100 countries. It's backed by public interest and faith groups, trade unions, students, academics, literary, artistic and sports leaders.

Howlett said the group does not endorse parties, but tries to give voters information.

With files from the Canadian Press