The RCMP announced more charges today against accused co-conspirators in an alleged Ottawa-area fraud scheme that provided some of Canada’s more infamous criminals with clean Canadian passports in fake names.

Harbi Mohamoud (Dave) Gabad, 47, was originally charged in May of this year with several offences related to passport fraud.

He is accused of getting fraudulent passports for two of the notorious Alkhalil brothers, including Robby Alkhalil, accused in a fatal June 2012 shooting in Toronto’s Little Italy and the execution of rival gang leader Sandip Duhre in downtown Vancouver in January 2012.

At the time of the initial charges, police documents alleged Gabad was involved in an organization of ID document purveyors, passport guarantors and "scouts," or recruiters, some of whom he paid off with drugs to help him execute his alleged scheme.

Last Friday, the RCMP laid another charge against Gabad for possession of illicit drugs for the purpose of trafficking, as well as eight charges each against Gatineau, Que., residents Joanne Arbique, 49, and Marc Morin, 40, for various crimes to do with identity theft and creation of a fake passport. Matthew Medina, 48, of Ottawa also faces six charges to do with the creation of fake passports.

"My unit will continue to aggressively investigate this matter, as it relates to the integrity of our passport service and international reputation," Supt. Biagio Carrese, head of sensitive and international investigations for the RCMP's National Division, based in Ottawa, told CBC News.

Medina's whereabouts are unknown. The accused are scheduled to appear in a Gatineau court on Aug. 29.