It's shiny, it's sleek and it's so over fossil fuels.

It's the McMaster Solar Car. It made an appearance at the Eco-Wheels Show at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto on Sunday.

The outdoor event featured hybrid and electric cars, scooters and bikes and included demonstrations and even a chance for visitors to maneuver an eco-friendly ride.

The McMaster car isn't operational, though. The team, made up mostly of engineering students, brought Fireball II, which won the prize for top Canadian car in the 2004 Formula Sun Grand Prix in Kansas.

They're the midst of designing a new solar car — the team's fifth — one they plan to race next year at the annual American Solar Challenge.

"My goal is for us to have a rolling chassis done by this summer," said David Drake, McMaster Solar Car projects team lead and a fourth-year engineering student.

"I think that would serve as a good recruitment tool. It'd be like, "Look, we've got a car. We want everybody from McMaster to come in build it.' "

Volunteers, he stressed, need not be engineering students.