Despite lingering concerns that overnight weather could affect road preparations, the city says buses will start using the north lane of King Street East as a transit-only corridor as of 5 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Crews will begin painting the lanes overnight, but if rain breaks out, they may have to complete the work in stages, according to Kelly Anderson, public affairs coordinator for the city's public works department.

"Motorists should drive according to pavement markings and signage," Anderson said in a release.

In May, council approved a one-year pilot project to convert the North lane of King Street East into a bus-only lane between Mary Street and Dundurn Street. Originally, council voted down the the $300,000 project, which was slotted to launch in September but faced delays.

The transit-only lane is meant to get buses moving faster along the busy corridor and will bump parking on the north side of King Street East to the south side. Businesses will also have to rely on the south lane for loading. 

City staff will be required to submit an end of project report to the general issues committee on the lane's success following the completion of the pilot.