An outpouring of grief and condolences for the Bosma family followed news Tuesday that police had found the body of 32-year-old Tim Bosma.

"The agony in this house is indescribable," said Peter Lowe, the administrator for the Help Find Tim Bosma Facebook page. "There will be no further updates from this page. My prayers are with this wonderful family."

Police announced Tuesday morning that Bosma, the Hamilton man who was the subject of an intense search after he went missing while taking two men out on a road test of his truck, has been found dead.

The news spead quickly across the country. Prime Minister Stephen Harper posted his condolences on his Twitter account.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to Tim Bosma's family during this difficult time," he said.

People from all over took to Twitter to express their grief:

The news of Tim Bosma's death has generated an outpouring of emotion locally and across the country, with many taking to social media to express their sorrow. Here are some of those comments: