Tim Bosma charity launches with tribute golf tournament

About 150 people participated in a tournament meant to launch fund-raising for a charity in Tim Bosma's honour to help victims of homicide. Sharlene Bosma spoke movingly about her loss and the struggle to carry on.
Sharlene Bosma delivered a speech at the Tim's Tribute golf tournament. (Sola DaSilva)

The clubhouse at Century Pines Golf Course was full of the happy chatter of 150 golfers when the mood suddenly turned sombre and serious.

The chatter and voices came to a standstill as guests raised a toast to Tim Bosma. Thirteen months after he was killed, Tim's Tribute tournament was the first major event of a charity created in his honour.

Anyone can find themselves in this position. Homicide does not discriminate.- Sharlene Bosma

For those who attended the tournament Friday, it was an event to remember the slain Ancaster resident and raise money.

The senseless murder of the 32-year-old shocked the Hamilton community and made national headlines. Two suspects, Dellen Millard and Mark Smich, are now being held in custody and awaiting trial.

Sharlene Bosma, Tim’s widow, showed great fortitude and grace as she mingled with guests at the event and later on during her speech where she talked about the murder and the year that has passed since.

 “Homicide is an ugly and dirty subject in our society. People don’t like to talk about it,” she said. “Anyone can find themselves in this position. Homicide does not discriminate.”

"One day we were leading a normal life just like you and then we were thrown into a life of police, court, media, parole..."

And she talked about how the killing is with them every day. 

"We have felt the burden of endless grief, the strain at work, school, at home..." she said, choking up.

"It is up to us to support each other. We cannot change what happened. We cannot bring our loved ones back."

Waiting to help

The funds raised at the golf tournament will provide assistance and support to others who have lost a loved one to homicide. ‘Tim’s Tribute’ was founded in 2013 as a way to give back. According to Peter Lowe, a close friend who took up the role as the family’s spokesperson since Tim died, the public support for the Bosma’s both in cash and kind has been amazing.

“I think we’re all waiting to be able to help people. We’ve come a long way and it’s been amazing getting public support,” Lowe said.

‘Tim's Tribute’ will provide assistance at two different times: immediate crisis needs and trial needs. After losing a loved one, immediate needs could include bill payments and grocery supplies, while trial costs could include transportation and parking.

“Do you have a budget for a trial in your family?” Bosma asked. “No. Because it’s not supposed to happen.”

Bosma explained that she started ‘Tim’s Tribute’ so that “no family will ever feel alone or helpless in their grief.”