The fourth annual West Hamilton Artists Tour (WHAT) will showcase work in a variety of media, including pastels, acrylic, photography, wood, stained glass, jewellery, pottery and mixed media.

The tour on May 11 and 12 will feature a diverse group of 21 local and regional artists.

They'll be displaying their work in locations around the Locke Street South and Kirdendall Neighbourhood.

The tour runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

A colour brochure and guide with a map will be available in various locations on Locke Street and throughout West/Central Hamilton, from one of the participating artists, or copies can be downloaded from the WHAT website —

The WHAT 2013 artist lineup includes:

  • Judy Anderson – Painting
  • Paul Elia – Digital Photography
  • Tara Lynne Franco – Porcelain Pottery
  • Katrine Foss – Wood and Clay Sculpture
  • Pat Foss – Painting and Sculpture
  • Tor Lukasik-Foss – Sculpture recycled materials
  • Emma Gerard – Glass Jewellery
  • Amanda Immurs – Mixed Media, Acrylics
  • Mary Karavos – Collage Art
  • Peter Kirkland – Mixed Media
  • Gordon Leverton – Painting
  • Heather Lokstet – Paintings and Pastels
  • Elizabete Ludviks – Silver Jewellery
  • Siobhan Lynch – Stained Glass
  • Ruth Marshall – Glass, Acrylics, Encaustic
  • Sandra Middleton – Photography, Encaustic
  • Rose Ouellette – Beaded Jewellery
  • Rachel Quinteros – Silver Jewellery
  • Laurie Skantzos – Oil Painting
  • Lori Skinner - Wood Sculptures
  • Julia Veenstra – Painting

Visitors of the tour can view and purchase original works of art and crafts at all of the tour locations.