When you enter the You Me Gallery, you see dozens of small fans and hear clicking, tapping and other mechanical sounds.

The James Street North studio exhibit features 28 different whirligigs, which are spinning objects that are driven or activated by wind.

The show is also tactile — some of the exhibits need to be hand turned and operated.

"We’re interested in kinetic sculpture," said gallery owner Bryce Kanbara. "There’s something rudimentary about it and it’s a show anyone can participate in."

The sculptures move or complete an action in some way. For Kanbara, part of the fun is seeing the completion of each artist’s individual vision.

"They all have their different takes on what makes a whirligig."

Looking around the exhibit, there is certainly no lack of variety. There's a windshield wiper fan, a hollow cube turned by metal cups, and a hand crank that flaps bird wings inside of a paper nest.

"They may look simple but they are quite challenging," said Kanbara. "It’s nice to see how people overcome those challenges … it’s a lot of trips to Lee Valley and Home Depot."

Richard Sovereign is one of the artists participating in this year’s show. As you look at his piece, it’s obvious that his day job has inspired his art.

"I’m a farmer," said Sovereign. His whirligig piece is the largest in the show. It depicts several tractors driving around a large tabletop track with another series of wood figures moving up and down at the other end. The whole thing is powered by one large fan.

"I even made the fan blades," said Sovereign.

The second Occasional Annual Whirligig Show runs Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. until Sept. 15.

The You Me Gallery is located at 330 James St. N.