People in Hamilton are invited to learn, laud and look closely during Heritage Week 2013.

The provincial celebration of history began on February 18th.

The Fieldcote Museum in Ancaster hosts one of the week's first official local events when Bob Doidge presents a lecture on culturally modified trees in Ontario. It looks at the way First Peoples used rocks to alter the way a tree grows and create permanent markers on the landscape.

The talk, sponsored by the Hamilton Archaelogical Society, begins at 7 p.m. and the limited seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

On Saturday the City of Hamilton presents its 2013 Heritage Awards at City Hall in a public ceremony beginning at 12:30 in council chambers.

Hamilton's heritage celebrations stretch a little beyond the week with a presentation called "The Early Black Community of Hamilton Mountain" at the Concession Street Library on Feb. 26th.

The public lecture by author and historian Adrienne Shadd begins at 6 p.m.

And throughout the week, CBC Hamilton is looking for your photos of heritage buildings in the city.

Share your photos

CBC Hamilton wants to create a heritage building photo map. We're collecting photos from Twitter through the #HamOnt and #HamOntCBCpics hashtags and geolocating them to help build a virtual photo tour of the city's architectural history. Here's how to get your pics on the grid:

  1. Take photos of your favourite old buildings. We want to feature your photo skills!
  2. Send us a tweet including the location of your photo. You can use the #HamOnt hashtag or the hashtag #HamOntCBCpics. You can also email us at 
  3. We'll geolocate your photo (if you haven't already) and all the additional information to our map.
  4. Only send us pictures that you have taken or own the rights to. The CBC retains no rights to these images (ie. you still own them).