Chedoke Falls is a Ribbon waterfall located on the east branch of the Chedoke Creek. It is 18 metres (60 feet) in height and 9 metres (30 feet) in crest width.

Chedoke Falls is named after Chedoke Creek which runs through the area. The interesting fact about "Chedoke" is that it is not a Native Indian word as believed and noted in many websites and books. In fact it is a corruption of two English words "seven oaks". The Native Indian caught the sound and changed "seven oaks" into "Chedoke".

The area at the base of the escarpment was first used as a golf course in 1896 when the private Hamilton Golf and Country Club rented a part of the old Paradise Dairy Farm for a 9 hole course and then 18 holes.

In 1916, the Hamilton Golf and Country Club moved to Ancaster. Today two 18 hole golf courses exists on this site forming the Chedoke Civic Golf Course owned by the City of Hamilton.

Hamilton's waterfalls:

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