"With my ears ringing and my buddies in tow we floated home, high as kites on the music." —Sean Vedell, recalling the Rush concert — his first — he attended at Ivor Wynne Stadium in August 1979

"It's a mad action." — Cairo-born Mac prof Mohamed Naser, on the Egyptian military's move to depose that country's president, Mohamed Morsi

"What if you need a hammer? Where would you buy a hammer in the core?" —CBC Hamilton columnist Paul Wilson on the need for more hardware stores in the city's downtown

"It's one of the most important development downtown in the last 10 years." —Glen Norton, the city's manager of urban renewal, on the new Nations Fresh Foods grocery store in Jackson Square

"There's always this fear and sense that you could get arrested and killed at any moment." —Victoria's B.C.'s Izad Etemadi, on being gay in Iran

"It's a more complicated game plan than most people experience going through a pregnancy, but we had lots of time to prepare for it." — Expecting mother Joy Pekar, on looking for a kidney donor for her husband Arie

"I've just kind of essentially been resting and recovering...(and) just kind of pondering and educating myself on what exactly the future holds." —Hamilton Bulldog Blake Geoffion, about nine months after a potentially career-ending check sent him to hospital