Quote of the Week:

"You know what? I heard it. I heard what you said. I got it verbatim. You're being awful nasty, awful nasty."

Jason Farr, on what he heard Mayor Bratina say to city manager Chris Murray during a tense LRT debate Wednesday.

The rest of the week in quotes:

"The last few days, my staff have been fielding calls about me pursuing a bylaw on diagonal cutting. And by the way, I cut my lawn diagonally."

 – Ward 8 Councillor Terry Whitehead, after constituents assumed an article in the satirical website Hammer in the News was correct.

"We haven't had any closure yet. I don't even think I personally have had a chance to mourn because I've been bitter about what happened, about how things have been handled."

 – Dale Cassavetes, a father who is looking for answers after his daughter died from a heart transplant.

 "We have to put the mouth back in the body." 

Dr. Elizabeth Richardson, Medical Officer of Health on how we fund universal health care but not universal dental care.

 "I've depleted all the funds that I have. I'm going into money I'm supposed to be using to take care of the baby."

Karen Weller, Karen Weller is struggling to pay for medical bills after a collision in the U.S.

"It's nice to have athletes that aren't just athletes. She's an inspirational person for sure."

- Mandy Dreyer, winner of the 2013 Paris to Ancaster Race on Clara Hughes:

"As a union, we're always concerned about right to work. Look at any city, and you'll see manufacturing jobs disappearing."

- Dave Reston, the president of the CAW 504 local.

"The biggest problem with Unions is their tendency to eat their own young."

- Aaron, a commentor on our webpage, during the Labour Pains town hall.

"I was nervous because I didn't know the extent of what they would tell us. I was scared because depending on what they would tell us and what the fallout might be, there could be some backlash against the Muslim community. I was angry, because it involved Muslims and terrorists I was just angry at members of my community for being idiots."

- Hussein Hamdani, Hamilton lawyer and member of the local Muslim community on a meeting with the RCMP prior to terror-related arrests made Monday.