Nothing has changed, but much has changed. 

Yesterday's announcement by U.S. Steel that it was permanently closing down iron and steel making at its Hamilton operations means only that areas of the plant that have been idle for three years will not restart.

But it also has larger symbolic meaning. It means that a century of steel making at that location — primarily through Stelco and its earlier iterations — has come to an end. Many in Hamilton are looking not to the past, but the future, and how the city moves forward.

Here are a collection of comments and reflections on the end of steel making and what the future holds for Hamilton. They include Hamilton residents at the Centre Mall, chamber of commerce CEO Keanin Loomis, Rolf Gerstenberger from United Steelworkers local 1005 and Mayor Bob Bratina. 

MPs Chris Charlton and David Christopherson also brought up the issue during question period in Ottawa.