Three McMaster University swimmers have been captured in blazing underwater photography done by local studio blurMEDIA.

John-Paul Danko and partner Dawn visited the university earlier this year to photograph Konrad Bald, Cameron Bailey and Natasha Strass-Hundal.

To capture the underwater images, Danko invented his own system of lighting, using audio cables to synch flashes.

All three swimmers participated in the 2012 Canadian Olympic swim team trials.

The photos were done as portfolio pieces, said John-Paul Danko, who wore weighted belts and held his breath to take the photos. He wanted them to capture every movement and nuance.

"I wanted maximum drama," he said of the images. "I wanted the photos to be as interesting and dramatic as possible."

Danko created the new lighting system during a long weekend at the cottage.

Danko described the shoot in a blog entry and video on his site.