Did you hear? NHL hockey is back.

While players started gearing up for a 40 to 50-game season fans still have plenty to say about the lockout that has cost half a season.

Have your say. Plenty of Hamilton hockey fans weighed in on the lost half-season, Gary Bettman, Donald Fehr and their favourite NHL teams. Of course, in Hamilton, pro-hockey didn't go away. The AHL Bulldogs kept playing. The team has been struggling with injuries and loads of young players but for a fraction of the cost of an NHL ticket in Toronto you can get a great view of the fast-paced AHL game. Attendance has been pretty good at Copps this season, so far. Will that change now that NHL hockey is on the tube? If you've been going will you stop now and head to a sports bar Saturday night for Hockey Night in Canada with Ron and Don?

Check out the video above for Ron McLean's take on the new NHL deal. 

Also check out one fan's boycott plan. It's called 'Just Drop It'. You can click the video on this page. Will you join Steve Chase's campaign?

So, Hamilton, now that the NHL is back what's your message for owners and players?