An Ottawa doctor who specializes in weight management has criticized the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board for offering a pizza party as a fundraising prize.

'We have gotten to the point in society where we have so normalized the ongoing, regular provision of junk food to children that when people question it, it offends them.' —Yoni Freedhoff, physician

On his blog, Weighty Matters, physician Yoni Freedhoff called out the school board for promoting its Food Drive for Student Nutrition with a pizza party for the class that brought in the most donations.

"While I feel for the schools, raising money by selling products that children should be eating less of, not more, and using junk food to reward good behaviour is contrary to the school system's primary job of building healthy children," Freedhoff wrote in the Dec. 5 post.

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So, what do you think? Are pizza parties bad for kids? Should pizza be off the menu at schools? Or is this occasional treat just fine inside school walls?

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