On Monday, the NHL announced it was cancelling all of its games until Dec. 31. 526 games in total have now been lost to this lockout. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

An online survey conducted by CBC Sports.ca has made it clear that NHL fans are very angry and have little hope that this hockey season can be saved.

The 10-question survey was taken more than 7,000 times during the four days it was online starting last Friday.

The survey revealed a lot of bitterness over the lockout. Neither NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and the owners nor NHL players have received much support for their behaviour so far.

You can read the full story here.

Results: NHL Lockout Survey

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While fans in Hamilton have a high-quality alternative to the NHL — AHL hockey with the Hamilton Bulldogs — the sting of a hockey season that could be lost is felt here too. This a chance for Hamiltonians to weigh in on the key questions and issues surrounding the lost (so far) NHL season.