New Hands bassist Evan Bond's favourite part of Hamilton's music scene is the sense of community he feels around every corner.

"We're always welcomed with open arms," he said. "All the bands help each other out."

This was never more evident than when hometown heroes The Arkells retweeted a link to their new single, "Tulips."

New Hands play indie rock steeped in electronic sounds, drawing heavily from '80s new wave bands like Joy Division.

Though he hears that similarity, Bond said most of the band members prefer Kayne West or dance punk band lcd soundsystem.

The group's somber-sounding vocals are reminiscent of indie rock stalwarts The National, a huge influence of theirs.

New Hands spent years in Hamilton listening to local bands like Young Rival and The Abbreviations.

Bond said going from fans of those bands to becoming their peers is one of the best parts of being a Hamilton band.

"That was the coolest feeling I've ever had."

Check out New Hands on Bandcamp, and follow them on Twitter @newhandsband.

Listen to the CBC Music Hamilton Rocks stream here.