Best photos in Hamilton for the week of Feb 1.

Here's a look at some of brilliant pictures taken over the week in Hamilton. Send us your photos by email to or use the Twitter hashtag #HamOntCBCpics
A brilliant photo from Rob Porter of Weever Apps captures Princess Point in mid thaw. (Rob Porter)

CBC Hamilton is launching an exciting new project, our Hamilton Photo Map.

We'll be collecting photos from Twitter through the #HamOnt and the #HamOntCBCPics hashtags and geolocating them to help build a virtual photo tour of the city that's always changing and growing. It's an idea brought to us by one of the city's frequent photographers Wayne MacPhail. Here's how to get your pics on the grid:

1. Take photos when you're out and about in Hamilton. Whether you're enjoying a picturesque waterfall or you see some breaking news, we want to feature your photo skills!

2. Send us a tweet and make sure to include the location of your photo and any details you think are important about what's in the shot. You can use the #HamOnt and the #HamOntCBCPics hashtags. We hope that will become another place where all Hamiltonians on twitter can share and celebrate local photography. You can also email us at

3. We'll geolocate your photo (if you haven't already) and add all the additional information to our map. The map will update weekly.

4. Only send us pictures that you have taken yourself or own the rights to. The CBC retains no rights to these images.

Here's a collection of images that tell the story of Hamilton this week in pictures.