Did you have a good long weekend? Feeling refreshed this morning? Try and remember it's Tuesday, not Monday.

From Twitter this morning:

In The Neighbourhood - this morning 8am-10am 93.3 FM Listen Online: http://cfmu.msumcmaster.ca/ Today's guest Paul Wilson #HamOnt

21st Century Classroom

Heidi Siwak at The Amaryllis interviewed a striking Quebec student to get a closer view of events in Quebec.

Heidi writes: "I know what has been covered in the news and what I have seen and read online. This was my opportunity to hear first hand from a student striker and ask many of the questions that all Canadians following the story would like to ask. Her comments were thoughtful and informative. This is some of what she had to say."

Radio Free School

At Radio Free School there is a conversation about how to make education memorable, six tips for how to do it. Number one? Don’t see. Do.

The Hamiltonian

The Hamiltonian has an interview with city manager Chris Murray on how Hamilton manages performance of staff at city hall.