22 Minutes sips coffee at Ancaster's Tim Hortons roastery

Watch Mark Critch's full caffeine report on CBC's The Hour Has 22 Minutes Tuesday night.
22 Minutes funnyman Mark Critch visits the Tim Hortons roasting facility in Ancaster. Watch his full caffeine-fueled report Mar. 5. 0:38

Fully-equipped with a hairnet and white coat with 'Mark' embroidered on the left breast, This Hour has 22 Minute's Mark Critch gets an insider's look at creating the tried and true Canuck beverage  — a cup of Tim Hortons coffee.

Critch travels to Ancaster for a tour and taste testing at the Tim Horton's roasting facility. His caffeine-induced report airs on 22 Minutes Tuesday.

Critch gets a lesson in coffee geography, how to roast a popular blend and what 'gustation' means.

Watch a sneak peek here on CBC Hamilton and tune into CBC television March 5 at 8 p.m. for the full story.