What do you get when you cross a bunch of Star Wars nerds, a wedding party and a children's toy?

One incredible wedding photo and some internet magic.

Husband and wife team Tony (of Hamilton) and Danielle Lombardo, both former McMaster University students run the Toronto-based Little Blue Lemon Photography. Last week, they posted this photo of three AT-AT walkers from Star Wars chasing Leslie Seiler and Paul Kingston's wedding party on May 31. Much like the dinosaur wedding photo that inspired it, it was quickly all over the internet. On top of many Facebook walls, it has been featured on Good Morning America and Huffington Post.

"We didn't expect this response," Tony said. "We mostly did this as a joke."

It started easily enough. The duo mentioned the idea to the wedding party - two thirds of which was made up of Second City comedy actors, Danielle says.

"We just cleared Eglinton and said run," she said.

Afterwards, they shot their two-year-old son's AT-AT toy and Photoshopped it into the photo. Though Tony does take some issue with the ownership of the iconic toy. "It's my AT-AT," he said. "He just plays with it."

The Lombardos say they always try to shoot weddings that are uniquely suited to the bride and groom - who are huge Star Wars fans. "You couldn't just force this on accountants who love Star Trek," he said.

Tony grew up in Hamilton's north end, before moving to Stoney Creek in his early teens like "every other Italian," he laughed. "I was the kind of guy who couldn't leave a bar without saying goodbye to 30,000 people."   Tony and Danielle met when they were both enrolled at McMaster University.

But how will they top this photo?

"That's it, we're done," Danielle laughed. "We're retiring."