Thousands of people are heading to Hamilton's Ottawa Street to eat at one of dozens of food trucks and curbside restaurant spots.

Last September, the gathering drew an estimated 15,000 people. Some lined up for an hour to eat from one of 22 mobile eateries.

The event won the city of Hamilton's Economic Development department a national marketing award.

"The marketing has only been through social media," said Michael Marini marketing coordinator of Hamilton's Economic Development Division, Planning & Economic Development Department.. "It's marketing the city but not spending any money doing it. It's a testament to [the vibrancy] of social media in Hamilton."

Friday's event will feature 40 trucks and curbside restaurants offering eveything from crepes to grilled cheese to traditional First Nation's cuisine. There will be free shuttle bus service from City Hall to the event starting at 11a.m.

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CBC Hamilton will cover Sew Hungry live all day. Most stores stay open until 8 p.m. Check back here for the sights and sounds from Hamilton's spring food truck street party.