Youths arrested after break-in at Scott Park Arena

Two male youths face break-and-enter charges in an alleged late-night escapade at Scott Park Arena.

Two male youths face break-and-enter charges in an alleged late-night escapade at Scott Park Arena.

Around 12:40 a.m. on Thursday, Hamilton police received calls about two people breaking into the concession stand at the sports facility, located on Cannon Street East just west of Balsam Avenue North. 

The intruders were seen carrying flashlights, police spokeswoman Debbie-McGreal Dinning said in a Thursday statement.

The duo, she said, exited the building and caused damage to a spotlight and a rear door.

When police arrived, they spotted two males trying to flee the scene.

Officers arrested the suspects, who were found with a set of large bolt cutters, McGreal-Dinning said.

In her written statement, she didn't say whether anything had been stolen. 

The two male youths each face charges of break and enter and mischief under $5,000.