Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is asking the province’s Liberals not to use negative tactics in the next provincial election, expected to take place as early as next spring.

Wynne spoke to about 500 Liberals at a convention in Hamilton on Saturday, saying that she knows there is a lot of pressure to engage in divisive politics, but added that she hopes to change the often negative tone.

Wynne urged this positive shift in what was her first address to a Liberal convention since becoming premier.

She said she didn't want the party to resort to being mean or taking part in personal attacks like the ones she has been subjected to, adding that while she can handle the attacks, the province doesn’t want such negativity permeating the political arena.

Wynne wants the Liberals to show Ontarians that there is another way that does not include pointing fingers and name-calling.

The Liberals met to begin to develop policies for the next election, and are asking the public for ideas as well.

The premier defended the Liberals’ decade-long record in Ontario government, saying they turned the province around.

"I'm not going to let anyone diminish these accomplishments or rewrite the history of our contributions," she said in a speech to the party.

The Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats have countered, saying that the Liberals are only reaching out to the public because they have run out of new ideas -- especially in relation to how to create jobs and improve the economy.

However, Wynne said her party intends to set targets for each sector of the economy to make sure there are proper supports in place to help expand the workforce and make businesses grow.

"We cannot slash our way to success," she said. "We are investing in people. We are investing in infrastructure and we are supporting businesses by creating an innovative and dynamic environment where everyone can succeed."

With files from The Canadian Press