Do you need another reason to clean out your junk drawer or overstuffed wallet? How about 30 million reasons?

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) says nobody has claimed the $30-million jackpot in Friday's Lotto Max draw. The winning ticket, the OLG says, was sold in the Hamilton area.

"There's no news yet on the $30 million," said OLG spokesperson Dita Kuhtey. "We haven't had anyone come forward yet to clam the prize."

The OLG won't say where the ticket was purchased.

Whoever owns the winning ticket has one year to claim the jackpot, Kuhtey said. "We've had instances of people coming two or three months later."

No one has laid claim to the $50-million jackpot from a Lotto Max draw on Nov. 30, she added. The winning ticket was purchased in Cambridge.

"We're still waiting on that ticketholder to come in, so check your tickets."