The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are scheduled to move into their new 24,000-seat stadium when it’s completed this summer.

Winnipeg’s $210-million Investor Group Field held its first regular season Blue Bomber game last year during the team’s dismal 2013 campaign.

And now the Saskatchewan Roughriders are the latest Canadian Football League squad to unveil its plans to construct a new home stadium, expected to open in time for the 2017 season.

Announced on Thursday, plans for the complex show sleek, semi-covered stands with a total 30,000 seats (expandable to 40,000), 200 concession stands, nine elevators and 38 bathrooms (up from 22 in the current facility).

Seats in the new Mosaic Stadium, the team says, will be 55 cm wide, 10 per cent larger than those in the Riders' old digs.

The price tag for the Regina development has been pegged at $278 million — roughly $130 million more than the expected cost to build the Ticats’ new Tim Hortons Field and nearly $40 million more than Winnipeg's year-old stadium. 

It raises the question: Which CFL team — and its fan base —is getting the better deal?

Take a look at the infographic, which compares the specs for each of the three new stadiums, and decide for yourself.