The warm spell Hamilton experienced on Tuesday and Wednesday is expected to end before the week is out, according to Dave Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada.

Hamilton experienced record-breaking temperatures for a second straight day on Wednesday.

Even before sunrise, the mercury climbed to around 13 degrees C, smashing the old high for Jan. 30 — 10 degrees C  in 1969.

Another 44-year-old weather record fell earlier this week. Late on Tuesday, temperatures rose to 10.5 degrees C. The old record for Jan. 29 was 8.9 degrees C, recorded in 1969 and again in 1975.

"This is Gulf of Mexico air," said Dave Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada. "The southerly winds are bringing in the very warm air."

He said the balmy temperatures "would make for a comfortable night in July or a warm day in April or early May."

The winter heat wave won't last beyond Wednesday, Phillips warned.

The warm system will veer east, he told CBC Hamilton, leaving the "cold Canadian air will fill in like a vacuum…and not a melting temperature in sight."

Then, he imparted news that may cause winter sports lovers to rejoice.

"There could be snow or snow flurries almost every day for the next week."