Tara Doyle's first magazine shoot as a model was a big one — Time — with the magazine featuring the 18-year-old Stoney Creek, Ont., resident on the cover of an issue that includes an article on narcissistic teenagers.

The cover of the latest issue reads, "The ME ME ME Generation  — Millenials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents." Although the article isn't about Doyle, she's posing on the cover underneath those fighting words, lying on her stomach and gazing up at the smartphone she's holding up in front of her. 

Doyle, also an actor who has appeared in school plays, got the Time gig through her talent agency, but is also with StarNow, a website that connects models, actors and musicians with job opportunities.

It's not her first moment in the spotlight.

Doyle earlier landed a commercial with Oxy Natural Action. She then got the call with a time-limited offer from Time. She had an hour to say yes.

"It was amazing," says Doyle of the cover shoot with Time. "It was so fun, and the people were really, really nice, so it made it 10 times better."

Charismatic teen plans theatre career

What Doyle doesn't have in experience, she makes up for it with charisma.

About the Time cover, she says: "It's been my biggest; it's the first print I've done."

The article takes a shot at Doyle's generation, suggesting her peers are obsessed with social media, and are even narcissistic.

"On the front of the cover it makes it look like teenagers are narcissists and bad, but if you actually read the article, he ends up agreeing if we didn't have the technology we do have, we wouldn't end up being so self-absorbed."

The story, written by Joel Stein, starts by calling Doyle's generation shallow and self-obsessed, but say the millenials will "save us all".

Stein writes, "I am about to do what old people have done throughout history: call those younger than me lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow. But I have studies! I have statistics! I have quotes from respected academics! Unlike my parents, my grandparents and my great-grandparents, I have proof."

Awaiting university acceptance

Doyle isn't taking offence.

She says, "He agreed that we're not that bad. When we put our minds to it, we can actually accomplish things."

Doyle is busy herself trying to accomplish things. She's in that moment, her future on hold — waiting for acceptance, a yes or no from universities. Making the cover of Time can't hurt.

Doyle plans to pursue a career in theatre, as a model or in acting, "anything of that sort". 

She's off to a good start.

The teen's photo and the most recent issue of Time will hit stands on Monday.