Jurors at the trial of the two men accused of murder in the death of Hamilton's Tim Bosma will today hear the defence cross-examine James Sloots. He's the forensic expert who testified Monday that there is a one in 18 quadrillion chance that the blood found inside Tim Bosma's truck didn't come from Bosma.

Sloots, a forensic biologist from the Centre of Forensic Sciences, yesterday took the jury through the complicated process of how DNA evidence was recovered and analyzed in the case.

Sloots told the jury that while it isn't possible to say with total certainty that the blood found in the truck matches Bosma's DNA, the chance that it doesn't is astronomical — it even exceeds the number of people that the Population Reference Bureau estimates have ever lived on Earth.

Dellen Millard, 30, of Toronto, and his co-accused Mark Smich, 28, of Oakville, are accused of killing Bosma, 32, who lived in the suburban Ancaster area of Hamilton. Both accused, who are being tried in Ontario Superior Court in front of a jury, have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

Bosma was last seen on May 6, 2013, and was missing for more than a week before remains were found on May 14 on an Ayr, Ont., farm owned by Millard. Those remains could not be identified.

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