Tim Bosma's widow plans private day to mark 1-year anniversary

The one-year anniversary of Tim Bosma's disappearance will be a private affair, says family friend Peter Lowe.

Sharlene Bosma attends court for video appearance of Christina Noudga, charged as accessory

Sharlene Bosma's husband Tim disappeared a year ago tomorrow. The family will mark the anniversary privately. (Samantha Cragggs/CBC)

Tim Bosma's widow Sharlene bit her bottom lip and held back tears as she turned away from a group of reporters following Monday's video court appearance of Christina Noudga, a woman police allege aided her husband's accused killers.

That brief moment outside a Hamilton courtroom was the only hint of the emotions being felt by Sharlene and the rest of his family as they prepared to mark the first anniversary of her husband's disappearance.

Family friend Peter Lowe said the remembrances by the family on Tuesday will be private affairs. Lowe said that is the intention for the rest of May, as well. 

Lowe said the next time to expect Bosma in the public light will be at a charity golf tournament on June 6, 13 months after her husband first went missing. 

However, with Noudga's next appearance on May 22, Bosma is expected to be back in the front row of the courthouse, beside her late husband's parents, Hank and Mary. 

"Today's tougher because it is closer," Lowe said, referring to the disappearance of Sharlene's husband on May 6, 2013. "But as long as she's able to be here, that's their plan."

Noudga is charged with accessory after the fact, allegedly trying to aid the "escape" of Dellen Millard, 28, one of two men facing first-degree murder charges in Bosma's death.

Monday's court appearance was brief: Noudga, 21, stated her name while her defence lawyer Paul Mergler scheduled her next court appearance. 

Mergler described the Crown's disclosure as "voluminous" while Noudga, appearing by video, stood silently in a green shirt with her brown hair down. 

She's been described as the girlfriend of Millard and was arrested in early April for her alleged involvement in the case.

Mark Smich, 26, of Oakville, has also been charged in Bosma's murder.


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